Nothing is more amusing than the vanity of the Global Warming fanatics.

The queen bee of the movement, Laurie David, has posted a letter to Rush Limbaugh on the Huffington Post. In it, she authoritatively asserts that global warming is the driving force behind not just hurricanes, floods and tsunamis. No, global warming is also behind the record low temps across the country this April.

The weather goes wacky warm, it’s global warming. The weather goes wacky cold, that’s global warming too. How convenient for them. They see themselves as beyond reproach, not to be questioned. If you do question them, well, you’re the equivalent of a Holocaust denier.

The entire Global Warming Complex has deluded themselves into thinking that they, the enlightened ones, can actually stop global warming. Or is it global cooling? Either way, by the sheer force of their righteousness, they will save the planet!

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