If it’s spring sweeps period, the world needs to know, Where in the World is Matt Lauer?


This year, Matt started his week-long magical mystery tour in Patagonia, with a live shot from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Monday: NYC to Buenos Aires Argentina

Assuming three people are travelling with Lauer (a conservative estimate) the CarbonFootprint.com calculator, say this trip generates 3.928 tons of CO2.

The eco-options to make up the difference include,

Reforestation in Kenya
Your pledge funds the planting of native broad leaved trees in the Great Rift Valley. $82.63 to pledge 6 trees (about 4.380 tons)

UK Tree Planting
Your pledge funds the planting of trees in the UK county of your choice. The project is managed by Tree Appeal and endorsed by Bill Oddie, the TV wildlife celebrity and conservationist.
from $138.72 to pledge 6 trees (about 4.380 tons)

Tuesday: Buenos Aires Argentina to Amsterdam

This trip generates 5.268 tons of CO2. The eco-options to make up the difference include,

Clean Energy Fund
Your funding supports VCS verified carbon reduction projects around the world which reduce carbon emissions through the displacement of fossil fuels through clean / renewable energy generation. $77.74 to offset 5.268 tons

Reforestation in Kenya
Your pledge funds the planting of native broad leaved trees in the Great Rift Valley. The project is coordinated by ESCONET, and is also supported by the Red Cross.
from $110.18to pledge 8 trees (about 5.840 tons)

Where will Matt end up next? NBC has created a fun game to play,

Where in the World is Matt Lauer?

Based on these clues, where do you think Matt’s going next?

He started in Buenos Aires before heading to Amsterdam, and now Matt Lauer’s off to his third Where in the World destination. Do you think you know where he’s going? Below are two clues. Send in your guess and a question for Matt Lauer. If you’re correct (and quick!), we may ask Matt your question on Wednesday’s show.

Clue 1: This country is an anagram of a synonym of a homophone of an even prime number.
Clue 2: Where in the world is this photo from?


They make this annual carbon emitting tour so fun, don’t they? Given all the promotion, mystery and suspense of where Matt will turn up next, it is easy to understand if you loose track of Matt’s carbon footprint along the way. Don’t worry, I did it for you.

In the first two days of his five day tour, Matt has used up 9.196 tons of CO2. The average American emits 9.44 tons of CO2 PER YEAR.

If only Matt Lauer watched the Today Show, this unfolding environmental catastrophe might have been avoided!!

April. 20, 2008
NBC delivers ‘Green Week’ around Earth Day
Shows, news across network will focus on environmental issues

NEW YORK – NBC Universal isn’t painting its Rockefeller Center headquarters green — at least not yet — but the company is pushing all of its networks to deliver environmentally friendly programming this coming week.

“Dateline NBC” will report on melting snow on mountains in Bolivia, “Today” will have daily segments on renewable energy, Jim Cramer will talk about “green” stocks on CNBC’s “Mad Money” and NBC is encouraging its affiliates to report on environmental issues on local newscasts. (Msnbc.com is a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC Universal)

Hat Tip to our great producer Rob, who called me at 7:25 this morning with the idea for this post.


Wednesay, Amsterdam to Laos

Laos is not in the carbon calculator, so I used Cambodia. To offset a direct return flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Phnom Penh, Cambodia (19319 km) for 4 passengers, that generates 8.896 tons of CO2

Thursday, Laos to Turkey

A direct return flight from Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Istanbul, Turkey (16006 km) for 4 passengers, generates 7.368 tons of CO2.

With one day remaining, NBC’s annual Where in the World is Matt Lauer stunt has generated 25.46 tons of CO2. It would take the average American nearly three years to generate as much carbon emissions as Matt Lauer and NBC did in four days.

Thankfully for the planet, and viewers, the week is almost over. One more day to go.

Friday, Turkey to the Republic of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean

I think Matt is trying to throw me off because once again, Seychelles is not in the the CarbonFootprint.com calculator. I would estimate another 4000 miles for Matt, leading to about another 4 tons of CO2.

Thankfully, the earth has a full year to recover, and so do viewers, from the hypocrisy.