(Hint: A demagogue who has already changed history)


When Ann Coulter endorsed Mitt Romney she called the former Massachusetts governor “manifestly our best candidate” — though the paper for which she is “chief legal correspondent,” Human Events, ranked Romney the #8 RINO (Republican In Name Only) in the nation in 2005.

GOP establishment pom pom girl Laura Ingraham and water boy Sean Hannity evangelize Romney on their radio shows as the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

Curiouser and curiouser!

Romney the wallflower bats his eyelashes and coyly pretends not to notice the increasing speculation of a McCain-Romney ticket–even as he criss-crosses the country campaigning and fundraising for McCain–the same John McCain who Romney said during the primaries was “almost indistinguishable” from Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

But perhaps Romney intended that as a compliment, since Romney was a virtual GOP clone of Barack Obama, until he repackaged himself to seduce conservatives.

As a Boston talk radio host and writer-researcher (respectively), who both initially supported Romney (author Gregg Jackson lived out of state in 2002 and co-author John Haskins voted for him in 2002), we have followed Romney closely and know the truth about his record as very few people in America do. The truth is that many of the leading “conservative” lawyers, radio pundits and pro-family leaders whom we trusted for years have ruthlessly distorted and suppressed the truth about Romney’s hideous record as governor — even after all his “conversions.”

It took one hundred million dollars of Romney’s personal fortune to waterboard Americans with Orwellian propaganda from “conservative” talk radio, Fox News and “pro-family” lawyers and religious mercenaries. Their consensus is they’ve rewritten enough history enough to fool enough of the people enough of the time.

Many pundits and political prognosticators are now calling Romney the odds-on favorite to be chosen as MCain’s running mate–making it more urgent than ever conservatives–the field slaves of the Republican Party–know the true record of this man.

After reading the truth about this soulless demagogue, whom most of the GOP elites have airbrushed into a quasi-conservative, ask yourself if Mitt Romney is somebody, who as Dr. James Dobson of “Focus on the Family” stated, “is a man pro-family voters could support?”

1. Romney illegally imposed homosexual marriage as he had secretly promised “Log Cabin Republicans” a homosexual activist group he would, given the pretext of a legally meaningless court opinion. He publicly admitted that the four outlaw judges who belched forth the Goodridge opinion (urging the legislature to make sodomy-based “marriage” legal) had violated the state Constitution and their oaths of office. But bizarrely, he flatly contradicted the state constitution he had sworn to uphold by pretending he was bound by this opinion. He also opposed a citizen-led effort to remove the four judges!

He then authorized illegal changes to, and issuance of, still legally null and void marriage licenses to homosexuals in violation of the marriage laws which the state constitution explicitly says only the legislature can change (the same court has admitted this). But Romney and his hired “conservatives” falsely claimed that “everybody (knew) that the (judges) legalized same-sex ‘marriage’.”

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