On Inauguration Day, conservative commentator and author David Frum launched an exciting new venture called, “a site dedicated to the reform and renewal of the Republican party and the conservative movement.”

Good timing indeed. It was a real pleasure to speak with David, someone I’ve long admired for his thoughtful commentary. I like what is doing by combining an opinion site with original reporting and news gathering. The model reminded me of what Josh Marshall has done with TPM.

We talked about three areas of weakness right now for Republicans, demographics, leadership and most importantly in my opinion, communications and media relations. It was an interesting discussion with interesting calls.

David was with us for about 25 minutes, after he left several callers disagreed that the Republicans needed to reach out beyond their core conservative constituency. It was an interesting segment, as one caller vented to the point of serious stress release, while another insisted that libertarian leaning New England Republicans like me are not just the problem, but irrelevant losers! This is an issue that we will return to time and again as the Republicans learn to operate in the age of Obama.

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