UPDATE II: Here is my interview with Ret. Lt. Col. Michael Strobl and Gretchen Mack on Pundit Review Radio

UPDATE: As you will see in the comments below, Chance Phelps mother Gretchen Mack was kind enough to contact us. It was an honor to get the opportunity to speak with her on Pundit Review Radio,

The best thing we do at Pundit Review Radio is our weekly tribute to the troops, a segment called Someone You Should Know. The Someone You Should Know radio collaboration began as an extension of Matt Burden’s series at Blackfive. Today, Bruce McQuain from QandO does an incredible job with the series every week. Bruce is a veteran of the Vietnam war and spent 28 years in the U.S. Army. He brings a perspective and understanding to these stories that we could never match.

Back in September 2006, Blackfive published a book called Blog of War: Frontline dispatches from Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the many amazing stories in the book was called Taking Chance Home,

Marine Lieutenant Colonel Strobl’s account of escorting the remains of Lance Corporal Chance Phelps. It’s a long and beautifully written and it deserves to be read in it’s entirety. It’s about Valor, Honor and Respect.

I cannot recommend this post more. I can’t imagine that you will ever read anything that will make you more proud to be an American.

We interviewed Blackfive about the book and the story of Taking Chance Home came up during a phone call from a Gulf War vet. Listen to Blackfive’s moving description of the story,

Today, Blackfive has an update. Taking Chance Home has been made into an HBO movie starring Kevin Bacon as Marine Lieutenant Colonel Strobl. Here is the trailer,