Everybody has a limit. I’ve been following the events in Copenhagen with detached bemusement. There have been some great moments of unintentional honesty, especially when the delegates talk about what is standing in the way of a deal, namely, they want more, much more money that is, to be transferred from the United States taxpayers to countries like China in order to help them ‘go green’. Their plan, for us, is to borrow more money we don’t have from China and then turn around and give that money to China to help them in their transition to becoming eco-warriors.

This morning I’ve reached my breaking point with the Gorebots in Copenhagen. How much Hot Air can we take? Via David Corn’s twitter feed came this,

British BC premier praises Arnold’s (Schwarzenegger) many alt-energy initiatives. No movie jokes but calls him “Climate Action Hero” #COP15 #Copenhagen

If Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Climate Action Hero, then I’m Brad Pitt. From the archives, in honor of the absurdidty of Copenhagen…

July 1, 2008
Eco hypocrite of the day: Arnold Schwarzenegger


Kalifornia Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger exiting his new 6.1-liter V-8 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8.
EPA Mileage: 13 mpg city / 18 mpg highway

Schwarzenegger Signs Global Warming Bill

“We simply must do everything we can in our power to slow down global warming before it is too late,” Schwarzenegger said during an address before signing the bill.

By “we” he obviously means you and me and not him.

“I’m convinced of that … because nothing is more important than protecting our planet,”

Well, except of course the thrill of driving the Mother of All HEMI’s with 425 horses and 420 pound-feet of torque!

If I was a glass half full kind of guy, this could be cited as progress. After all, he recently (was forced to) stop taking his Gulfstream to work everyday!

Schwarzenegger’s Jet Commute May End as Santa Monica Seeks Ban

May 1 (Bloomberg) — California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s regular commute by private jet from the state capitol to his mansion in Los Angeles has hit turbulence.

A federal judge will decide on May 15 whether the governor can land aboard a Gulfstream IV in Santa Monica, a 15-minute drive to his home in Los Angeles’ wealthy Brentwood enclave. The governor’s brother-in-law, Bobby Shriver, is among the Santa Monica city council members who voted unanimously on March 25 to ban large jets at the municipal airport.

In typical politician and entertainer fashion, the cutbacks and conservation required to combat “the most dangerous crisis we have ever faced” are left to us, the little people. The big shots keep their private jets, limos and gas guzzelers so they can travel freely in order to give speeches about the danger of Global Warming.