Al Gore’s Rotten Apple Part 1, Part 2

A classic scene from an all-time great comedy, Best in Show. (0:58 for best line) Makes me laugh every time. So does the idea of all these coffee house hipsters and poseurs who are so worried about global warming, worshiping at the Church of Apple.

Headline : Apple named ‘least green’ tech company

Activists like Greenpeace are all over the company and Gore. Those who Gore has helped brainwash through a combination of fear, guilt and lies, well, they probably have no idea that A.) Apple is such a meanie to Mother Earth or B) Al Gore sits on their Board of Directors while doing nothing about the Company’s longstanding reputation for having a poor environmental record.

Al Gore has been on the Board of Apple since 2003 and in that time he has only done one thing of significance. He helped whitewash Steve Jobs role in backdating stock options. Not an insignificant contribution to the company’s success, I’ll give Gore that.

This is a guy who has said some pretty extreme things about the fragile state of the environment. For the life of me, I don’t know how he could spend eight years on the Board of a company with such a terrible environmental record and do nothing? That is no way to respond to a planetary emergency! Didn’t he read Earth in The Balance?

“[T]he time has long since come to take more political risks–and endure more political criticism–by proposing tougher, more effective solutions and fighting hard for their enactments.” – Al Gore, 1992

I just don’t understand how he can sit there and do nothing….oh, wait a a minute….


It’s been obvious for years where Al Gore’s true priorities are. Not saving Mother Earth. That is a means to an end. The real objective is personal wealth. He’s done great by Apple, and the eco-hustler business has been very, very lucrative for Gore. When it comes to eco-hypocrites, Al Gore is in a league of his own. Even legendary eco-hypocrites like Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t hold a candle to the disgrace that is Al Gore.