For years, I have wondered aloud about when this country would start utilizing a clean, plentiful AND domestic source of energy, natural gas. I’ve written about fracking and technology advances that have made the natural resource so plentiful we barely have room to store it all. Natural gas used to be ok to enviro fanatics because it is far cleaner than coal. That was before the wind and solar subsidy boondoggle started. Now, amazingly, natural gas is the enemy. Why is that at a time of nearly $gas? Because the Greens are out to protect the subsidies they need for their unprofitable, unproductive and marginal pet projects like wind and solar. Not content to simply be hypocrites, they have started a full fledged assault on natural gas. Naturally, they have found an ally in The New York Times.

Author Jon Entine recently published a great article on Real Clear Politics exposing the truth about natural gas and the laugh out loud “reporting” of the New York Times on this topic. Before you Gorebots dismiss Entine as a shill of Big Oil, or something, consider for a moment what liberal New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration had to say about the New York Times,

The Cuomo administration is charging The New York Times with using its news pages to crusade against natural-gas drilling in the impoverished Southern Tier section upstate. “To get the story so blatantly wrong by posting a misleading headline on the Times’ home page is a disservice to your readers,” Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joseph Martens wrote to the paper Friday in reference to a Times “exclusive” that Cuomo had supposedly given a go-ahead to use the controversial hydrofracturing technique for gas drilling. “The Times has a responsibility to present accurate and balanced coverage of such a controversial matter, and it failed miserably in this case,” Martens, a Cuomo appointee, continued. “The article, ‘Cuomo Moving to End a Freeze on Gas Drilling,’ failed to present an even and objective story. The single environmental viewpoint was that of the Environmental Advocates of NY when several other environmental groups — the National Resources Defense Council, the Adirondack Mountain Club, and the NY League of Conservation Voters — all released statements supportive of DEC’s proposal,” Marten said in a letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.

Once again, we see that money, in this case subsidies, is the real motivation of the environmental lobby. They are smearing a clean, abundant natural resource in favor of truly weak, unreliable and utterly unprofitable solutions like wind and solar.

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