I helped author and was a signatory to the following letter entitled, “A Stern Warning to the ‘Conservative Elites ‘about Mitt Romney” that is a World Net Daily Exclusive today: ELECTION 2008 Family leaders call Romney ‘disaster’ Letter criticizes ‘deceptive rhetoric’ around candidate ——————————————————————————– Posted: January 3, 2008 © 2008 WorldNetDaily.com Mitt Romney A coalition […]

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It’s about time. I and many others have been citing the same evidence for months. Romney Fact Check on Preserving the Sanctity of Life Romney’s Claim : “…every piece of legislation which came to my desk in the coming years as a Governor, I came down on the side of preserving the sanctity of life.” […]

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Kevin on December 9th, 2007

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10 More “Inconvenient” Questions for Al Gore and His Fellow Man Made Global Warming Believers GrassTopsUSA Guest Commentary By Gregg Jackson 09-14-07 1. Al, you asserted in your movie “An Inconvenient Truth” that 9 of the 10 hottest years on record occurred after 1995. According to NASA’s most recent data, the ten hottest years on […]

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Out of power for over a decade and impervious to the enormous positive economic benefits of pro-growth-supply side tax cuts, Congressional Democrats, itching to confiscate and redistribute as much individual income as possible have been very busy during the last 6 months proposing a plethora of new tax increases. Here is a partial list compiled […]

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Gregg on July 4th, 2007

Via Today’s World Net Daily Many have asserted that homosexuality is “normal” in some people- that certain people are genetically predisposed. Of course as I document fully in my book “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies” there is no such documented scientific homosexual linked gene. I used to be of the opinion in college that homosexuals […]

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Kevin on May 14th, 2007

Paris May Serve Time at Sheriff Joe’s Tent City Jail

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