As far back as July 12, 2007, I did a post noting that Gov. Deval Patrick was on the Obama short list for the Supreme Court should he win the election. Well, the time for serious speculation is upon us because Justice David Souter is retiring. Allahpundit said it well,

Farewell at last to Bush I’s worst mistake.

At first glance, the idea of Obama taking Deval Patrick off our hands is an appealing one. I would caution those who think it is a good thing. Which would you prefer, two listless, ineffectual terms in the corner office, or this guy making critical decisions about national security and social policy for the next 25 years?

This is kind of like the Globe situation. You’d love to see them gone, but then you realize that the joy would be short term and the implications would be negative and for the long term. Remember Deval, it’s all right here in Massachusetts!