Walter Olson is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies. He is also the man behind a great blog, Overlawyered, that turns 13 today! Congratulations! Finally, Walter is the author of a great book, Schools for Misrule: Legal Academia and an Overlawyered America. Tonight he returned to Pundit Review Radio to […]

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Kevin on July 1st, 2012

It was great to welcome back to WRKO Four Tier Strategies media hound co-founder Brad Marston. In addition to his political consulting work, Brad has become quite the pundit as well, appearing frequently as a commentator on Fox 25 Boston and even Al Jazeera. Tonight we obviously talked about Obamacare and the decision made by Chief Justice Roberts. Bottom […]

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Kevin on March 19th, 2012

Anytime I can welcome Professor William Jacobson to Pundit Review Radio I feel as though we are delivering on the premise that launched this radio show nearly eight years ago, and that is to bring the best of the blogs to the radio. In addition to his work at Cornell law school, Professor Jacobson runs […]

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Our charter on WRKO’s Pundit Review Radio is to bring the blogs to the radio, and we did that last night. Legal Insurrection is among the most popular blogs covering issues ranging from law, politics to foreign policy. The man behind the blog, William A. Jacobson, is an Associate Clinical Professor at Cornell Law School, […]

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Kevin on March 7th, 2011

Walter Olson is a senior fellow at the CATO Institute and the man behind a great blog, Overlawyered. Walter returned to WRKO and Pundit Review Radio last evening to talk about his tremendous new book Schools for Misrule: Legal Academia and an Overlawyered America I loved this book and was just so pleased that Walter […]

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The goal of Pundit Review Radio is to bring the best thought leaders in the new media to the radio. In the world of legal pundits and law blogs, there is no better guest than Mr. Walter Olsen of the Cato Institute and Walter Olson has written a series of widely acclaimed books on […]

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Kevin on June 1st, 2009

Ed Whelan is a former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and he has served in positions of responsibility in all three branches of the federal government. He is a regular contributor to National Review’s The Corner and Bench Memos blogs and he serves as President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. […]

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