It was great to welcome back to WRKO Four Tier Strategies media hound co-founder Brad Marston. In addition to his political consulting work, Brad has become quite the pundit as well, appearing frequently as a commentator on Fox 25 Boston and even Al Jazeera. Tonight we obviously talked about Obamacare and the decision made by Chief Justice Roberts. Bottom line, I like it. I never thought it would be overturned. That was just Too Good To Be True, and it was. Justice Roberts placed an important new limit on the Commerce Clause, he exposed the Big Lie, that this is just a massive tax increase on the American people. The GOP can now talk about this as both a tax, and a cut, to Medicade. Finally, the base of the party is motivated and rallying behind this issue Romney.

My two favorite pieces on the issue this week were from Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard and Charles Krauthammer.

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