Mass. State Politics

Kevin on November 14th, 2011

It was my pleasure to welcome BU mass communications professor and WBUR media analyst John Carroll to Pundit Review Radio for the first time last evening. Long overdue, but it was worth the wait. We had a fun, fast-paced hour in which we covered the unfolding Penn State disgrace, the current state of the media […]

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Kevin on October 31st, 2011

A few weeks back, I was contacted by Jack Kelly, a former staffer for Mayor Menino, who blogs at Coffee with Caesar. He shared with me his post on the Occupy movement and asked if I would be interested in discussing. Since the post was so thoughtful, and hopeful about the Occupy movement, I said […]

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Our charter on WRKO’s Pundit Review Radio is to bring the blogs to the radio, and we did that last night. Legal Insurrection is among the most popular blogs covering issues ranging from law, politics to foreign policy. The man behind the blog, William A. Jacobson, is an Associate Clinical Professor at Cornell Law School, […]

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It was great to welcome back to Pundit Review Radio Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby. It had been far too long between visits with Jeff. We discussed his excellent Sunday column, Tea Party Sounds a Needed Alarm, which focused on John Kerry’s snobbery and intellectual dishonesty, Kerry is under no obligation to like the Tea […]

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Kevin on August 8th, 2011

Well, this was fun. I met for the first time last night Samantha Clemens, host of the eponymously named show on Boston’s Progressive Talker AM 1510. Samantha has been on WRKO quite a bit lately. Last night was our opportunity to welcome her in and talk politics. We discussed downgrades, debt, deficits, new tone and […]

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Kevin on August 4th, 2011

The original premise of Pundit Review Radio was to bring the best of the blogs to the radio. A local blog I have been reading and enjoying for its smart take on the issues is called Critical Mass, written by “Dan”. I contacted Dan and told him I enjoyed his blog and wanted to have […]

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Kevin on July 30th, 2011

Strawman: a weak or sham argument set up to be easily refuted I noticed recently on Twitter that John Walsh, chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, has taken to calling Scott Brown “Kentucky’s Third Senator”. He’s expanded on the theme with a column in the Cape Cod Times built upon a central casting Strawman: Is […]

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